Your every dollar goes into supporting and providing opportunities to homeless youth to start earning a sustainable source of income for themselves and to claim their right of living a life of dignity in the society once again. Initially we will start our pilot phase in Toronto, Canada, once it is successful we will extend our model of social business to developing countries as well.Our story... (8)

Here you have an opportunity to make real changes in the lives of at-risk and homeless youth by investing in them to become social entrepreneurs themselves, who can in turn support other at-risk youth. Your investment in the form of lending them the money to start their small businesses has a huge impact in their lives, and besides this you can invest the same money again and again and hence creating a chain of social change in the society. Your every dollar counts, it brings the change and you never lose it either!

Your donations will be used in two ways:

Phase 1: One time / Continuous Donation (Highest Need at the moment!)
Initial phase where we will use your donations to start our first pilot phase of supporting at least one group of 6 youth and for operating the project.

Phase 2: Investment in the form of loans
Your donation will not go as charity but as an investment where you can choose to lend your money to a group of youth who want to start their own small businesses in order to provide them with an opportunity to start earning a sustainable source of income for themselves. These groups of youth and your interactions with them will be facilitated by field workers, where you can manage your investment and can keep track of the group’s progress. Once the group start generating revenue, your loan amount will come back to your account (our online platform will provide you with a personal account) which you can then decide to invest in an other group or decide to withdraw your amount.

The basic procedure consists of the following four main steps:
1. The group submit a proposal for loan
2. The proposal goes through approval and due diligence process
3. If loan proposal is approved, the proposal will be posted on the website for investors to crowdfund
4. Once requested amount of loan is reached, the proposal closes and the fund is transferred to the group

When the group start generating revenue they have to pay back their loan to the investors who invested in them (facilitated through our online platform). How much and how often they can get the next loan depends on how well they pay back (repayment rate). The higher the repayment rate, the larger the loan they can apply for the next time.

Here you have been given the opportunity to bring the change  you have long been waiting to see it coming in your communities, that is getting rid of homelessness and poverty and supporting those in need! The choice is yours, and we respect your choice!!

Current Project Seeking Your Donations: 

Pilot Project: Identifying challenges under-privileged youth face in finding a sustainable source of income.

Rational: Through this pilot project we aim to understand the challenges of youth who have gone through homelessness, mental health or addictions problems in the following areas: finding employment; the type of training necessary to land a good job; and if they interested in starting their own small businesses. Once data is being collected and analyzed we will conduct a workshop in which we will invite youth from challenged backgrounds; worker/case managers from employment agencies and youth shelters who have been involved in supporting youth employment, and other industry employers. Through this workshop we will co-design a supportive program for youth employment that best address their needs while including their voice in the design process.


  1. Two Research Assistants (RA) will be hired from two different locations (YMCA Vanualey Street Youth Shelter, and Yonge Street Mission),
  2.  Each RA will complete a survey from 40 participants (youth who have been through homelessness, mental health or addiction problems), such that total sample size will be 80. The sample size will be collected from the same location where the RA is based.
  3. Each RA will be paid about $14/hr for about 2hrs/week for a duration of 2 months (9 weeks).
  4. Each participants will be given a $10 gift card for completing the survey which will take 10min to complete.
  5.  There will be one Principal Investigator, one Research Coordinator (RC) and two Research Assistants supporting this study.
  6. Location: work place for this project will be 100 College Street, the Banting Institute

Survey: The survey will have three sections, one will be to understand the kind of challenges youth go through to find work; second section will be type of training and education they think youth need to find a desired job; third section will be if they are aware of the opportunity and if willing to start their own small businesses?

Budget $1,500

  1. RA 1: $252 ($14/hr for about 2hrs/week for a duration of 2 months)
  2. RA 2: $252 ($14/hr for about 2hrs/week for a duration of 2 months)
  3. RC : $50 Gift Card
  4. 80 Participants,  $10/participants (Tim Horton or Starbucks gift card): $800 in total
  5. Other Expenses(transportation, refreshment/food, venue rental, other): $146
  6. Principle Investigator: None


  1. Data Collection: Jan 15th to March 15th 2018 (2 months or 9 weeks)
  2. Data Analysis and Workshop: March 15th to April 15 (one month, 4 weeks)